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Was your flight delayed for 3 + hours or cancelled? Claim up to €600 per person!

It only takes minutes

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“All went well was kept informed all the way through.” Kevin John Holmes

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“Left it to the team to sort out and received £800 for the family. Very happy with the results.” Nicholas Feurtado

Was your flight delayed for 3 + hours or cancelled? Claim up to €600 per person!

It takes just minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flight Compensation?
Flight compensation is applicable under EU 261. An EU regulation to compensation inconvenienced air travellers. You may be entitled to up to €600 per passenger.
Claiming For Care & Assistance
Unfortunately, care only claims are not feasible to pursue. As such your claim must fall under one of the following categories; Delayed, Cancelled, Denied Boarding or Missed Connection
What if I Have Claimed With Another Company?
It is strictly against our terms and conditions to instruct a third party on the same claim. If you already have a claim with a third party you must notify us, and by clear statement must cancel your instruction to them and notify us of the same. If costs are incurred you may be liable for these.
Claiming For Under 3 Hours Delay
Claims for under 3 hours are not eligible for compensation.
Booking Confirmation
Typically we will require your booking confirmation. As such, we do require this in our terms and conditions. If you do not have it, you can notify us and we will be able to assist and help you get a copy from the airline through the correct legal channels. But please do let us know straight away so we can help you promptly.
When Can I Claim Flight Compensation?
If your flight was delayed for 3 hours plus OR Your flight was cancelled with less than 14 days notice OR You were denied boarding. OR You missed a connecting flight.
How To Check If You Can Claim?
You can complete our webform to find your flight – we’ll let you know if it appears it may be eligible. Then you have the option of instructing us to pursue the claim for you.
The Airline Says It's Not Their Fault; Can I Still Claim?
Of course! Airlines do not want to pay – so will tell you that you’re not entitled – when you are! Don’t take their word for it. Instruct us and we will use our expertise to review and pursue your claim.
What Law Regulates The Payment Of Compensation?
Compensation is due under a number of laws across the world, but typically most claims will fall under EU261 for delayed, cancelled, missed connection and denied boarding incidences.
What Airlines Can I Claim Against?
Almost all! If the flight falls under EU 261 then you can claim. So if a flight departs from an EU country, or if it lands in an EU country and the carrier is an EU registered airline. If in doubt, submit a claim and we will check for you.
When is the travel insurance issued?
On completion and our T’s & C’s being adhered to.

How much can you claim?

EU Passenger Rights

Flight Delay Compensation

Missed Connection Compensation

Cancelled Flight Compensation

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